Synthetic Thatch

Synthetic Thatch tiles offer a natural look achieved with synthetic materials and increase the longevity of the tile. Synthetic Thatch tiles require no maintenance and are not subject to mould, damage by UV degradation and are ECO friendly.

The advantages are:

  1. Synthetic Thatch has a life expectancy up to 100 years, plus the product is guaranteed for 20 years.
  2. No maintenance is required because there is no decay, rotting or colour change and extreme temperatures will not affect the thatch.
  3. Synthetic Thatch will pass winds in excess of 180 kph and will show no U.V. degradation.
  4. Synthetic Thatch has an A - Rating Fire Proof.
  5. The Synthetic Thatch tile can installed exactly as you would a natural tile and can be used on a low pitched roof or to cover an existing shed or out building
  6. Simple to install.

Why choose the New Synthetic Palm (Bali look) Thatch Tile

We have a new Synthetic Palm (Bali look) thatch tile arriving soon where the colours remain the lifetime of the tile and will last 30 years plus. This tile can be used on any existing or new African Gazebo and can replace natural thatch on gazebos and resorts worldwide. Another huge benefit is because it’s a Synthetic thatch it can be screwed on to any existing Zincalume or Colorbond roof, the list is endless as long as there’s a minimum roof pitch of 20 degrees.

Watch the brief demonstration of applying the Synthetic thatch tile to an existing Zincalume/Colorbond roof.

Click here to view the new Synthetic Palm (Bali) Thatch Presentation.

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