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Millboard Composite Decking is the all new composite decking that captures all the beauty and charm of genuine timber but eliminates the associated shortcomings experienced with timber decking. With over 25 years experience, Sunwise is the leading choice in decking Perth has to offer.

Millboard composite decking is contains no timber whatsoever in a constant effort to maintain our planet’s natural resources.

In order to replicate the better qualities of natural timber, Millboard uses a moulding process, as opposed to machine extrusion. Each composite decking board is hand-finished to reproduce in fine detail the characteristics of natural wood with minimal repetition and can be sawn and fitted just like timber decking. However, being a timber free composition, it does not host algae growth and it is splinter free.

Millboard has also successfully addressed the need for an anti slip decking surface with its ‘Lastane’ finish; this finish is unique in the fact that it will provide an extremely hard wearing, non-slip, algae-repellent surface even in wet conditions. This also gives the Millboard composite decking its natural aesthetics, making it one of the safest, most natural looking and non-slip composite decking boards available.

Due to its non porous nature it needs very little maintenance, other than the occasional wash down with soapy water, as natural rainfall will largely keep it clean. The decking is made up from a composition of very stable materials ensuring that its expansion and contraction with the variations of temperatures is almost nonexistent. The ‘Lastane’ surface has a high quantity of UV inhibitors which ensures that the boards stay a stable colour as they were laid and consequently are not detrimentally affected by the weather, unlike timber decking or other alternatives. Millboard Decking is ideally suited to any pedestrian application; including the leisure industry, care homes, schools and any other commercial or domestic use.

Consideration for the environment has always played a large part in the manufacture of Millboard Decking. With our products consisting mainly of eco-friendly materials and other mineral base, Millboard plays a large part in our ever growing awareness of the need to protect our environment. In the manufacture of Millboard Decking, we will help to conserve the world’s natural resources as well as reducing landfill, no trees are felled to produce Millboard – it is completely wood free!

Good reasons for you to choose the new generation of decking

  1. Manufactured using eco-friendly, reclaimed materials
  2. Wood free, unlike usual composite decks – leaving trees standing
  3. Virtually maintenance free – requires no upkeep, just wash and go
  4. Renowned for their excellent anti-slip properties
  5. 25 years warranty, giving you peace of mind
  6. Does not rot, splinter or warp (doesn’t need painting, staining or sealing)
  7. Stain, scratch and insect resistant
  8. Does not host algae growth
  9. Invisible ‘lost head’ fixing.

Millboard Enhanced Grain

Composite Decking Perth, WAThe Enhanced Grain boards are understandably our most popular range, they create a classic decking area that will complement both traditional and contemporary settings. The wood grain finish, which is individually hand-enhanced, making every board unique, is stylish and durable even in the most demanding of environments. All Enhanced Grain composite boards are finished with our ‘Lastane’ surface layer, making them truly Anti-Slip. The anti-slip exceeds requirements for public space, even when wet.

Environmentally Friendly

Maintenance Free

Anti – Slip


Sizes available: 176mm W x 3600mm L x 32mm H

Millboard Decking - Golden Oak

Millboard Decking - Limed Oak

Millboard Decking - Coppered

Millboard Decking - Driftwood

Golden Oak

Limed Oak



Millboard Weathered Oak

Decking Perth, WAThe Weathered Oak boards are undoubtedly the most famed of all the Millboard products, combining both natural beauty and age old aesthetics it really stands out as a classic decking area that will complement both traditional and contemporary settings. The wood grain finish, which is individually hand-enhanced, making every board unique, is stylish and durable even in the most demanding of environments. All Weathered Oak composite boards are finished with our ‘Lastane’ rubberised surface coating, making them truly Anti-Slip, again exceed requirements for anti-slip.

Environmentally Friendly

Maintenance Free

Anti – Slip


Sizes available: 200mm W x 3600mm L x 32mm H

Millboard Decking - Driftwood

Millboard Decking - Vintage




The Millboard has successfully been used in many applications. It’s versatile material performance, style and benefits ensure that you can now use decking where you had not thought possible or wanted to use before. Applications include:

  1. Commercial

    Millboard has been designed and manufactured to withstand the harsh and high standards required for commercial applications. The decking’s ‘Lastane’ top layer provides an unparalleled anti-slip, low maintenance and resilient finish, to give years of worry and hassle –free area’s. We would like to think that referrals, testimonials and repeated specification is proof that it ‘does what is says’.
  2. Public open spaces

    In the most demanding of situations, the Public space project demands the highest degree of safety, durability and performance whilst not having costly ongoing maintenance. The Millboard successfully fits all of these and has proved itself over the years. Ranging from Town Squares to Park boardwalks we have the product for your needs.
  3. Park and lodge homes

    Located in many rural locations, the lodge homes are quickly gaining popularity for either that weekend break or quieter dwelling. The desire for the outdoor living has seen a vast increase in the number of verandah’s and decks on lodge homes. Millboard ensures a cleaner, lower maintenance premium deck for you.
  4. Residential

    The ultimate solution to a hassle and worry free product. The Millboard will not splinter or warp, nor host algae growth yet still very high anti slip. It will not fade like many products and is virtually maintenance-free letting you enjoy your new outdoor lifestyle area. We believe that your decking should be an area to relax on, not to worry about maintenance or decay. Enjoy ‘Outdoor Living’ we say.
  5. Jettys

    Decking has been long associated as the link with land and water. Whether it is a prestigious marina or a fishing platform, timber has the cloud of rotting issue over it. Using wood free Millboard combined with our Plas-Pro recycled plastic structure, it means no more rotting or fungal decay. They are suited to coastal and inland applications.
  6. Schools

    Outdoor classrooms, active play and relaxation area’s are being implemented into schools nationwide. Decking is seen as an enhanced medium to create a themed ambience. The anti-slip decking provides a safer low maintenance answer. All Millboard decking ranges more than exceed anti-slip requirements for public space.

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Enchanced Grain

Weathered Oak

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